Why install custom cabinets in your home? The simple answer is that it is the most cost-effective solution over the long term. Not only will it allow you to enhance the flow of the space, but solid wood also never goes out of style. 

Veneered cabinets may be cheaper, but they’re difficult to refinish and won’t last nearly as long. Custom cabinetry is an investment that pays dividends in the long and short-term. 

Quality Craftsmanship for Your Home

First, let’s define custom cabinetry more clearly. Some kitchen remodel contractors use the term to describe generic modular units that they rearrange for your kitchen. Others carve designs on the cabinet doors and use the exact words. 

For the Kitchen Design Solutions team, the term means working with you from scratch and designing the cabinetry from the ground up. We first meet with you to learn more about your inspirations and visions for your space. 

At our second meeting, we walk you through our recommendations, tweak the plan, and then the fun really starts. It’s here that you choose the custom cabinets, trim, and other accessories and get an idea of how your kitchen renovation might look. 

You’ll see examples of our quality craftsmanship, color samples, finishes, wood types, and every aspect you can think of to customize your look. 

The Benefits of Custom Cabinetry

We could discuss the benefits of custom cabinets all day, but it isn’t easy to convey our excitement correctly. There’s nothing like the delight on a client’s face when they pull out that custom pantry drawer or open the door to reveal ample storage space. 

Here are some elements that are bound to delight you.

Custom Storage Built for the Space

Generic cabinets can leave awkward gaps or overcrowd the space. With a customizable option, you can remove one unit to better balance light and prevent overcrowding. You don’t have to worry about conflicts between open drawers and doors because the designer considers these clashes. 

Use every space optimally, and forget about glaring gaps with tailor-made kitchen cabinets. 

Optimized Storage

Did you know that the right angle improves both the accessibility and storage capacity of your upper cabinets? Do you need clever solutions for hiding mundane items like spice racks or trash cans? What about minimizing dead space through innovative design? 

Our team can assist with all of that and more.

Top Quality

Wood composite products are cheaper for a good reason. They’re neither as strong nor as durable as solid lumber. The manufacturers turn the sheets out in bulk, with little thought to aesthetics. 

Adds Value

Homebuyers will appreciate the reliability of solid wood. Even if they dislike the grain or the current color, they can easily change the look because of the high-quality finish. 

Your Premier Kitchen Remodel Contractors

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