Why Live in Skidaway?

Characterized by well-kept homes and golf courses skirting Skidaway Island State Park, Skidaway is coastal Georgia at its best. With fewer than ten thousand residents, it maintains a small-town feel and provides plenty of opportunities to make new friends.  

Home Style in Skidaway

Residents are used to the expansive salt marsh and grasslands on the island. Their homes reflect their love of open spaces and incorporate plenty of light. You’ll see big windows so residents can fully enjoy the view and natural finishing’s to complement the island’s beauty.

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Kitchen ideas in Skidaway Island focus on taking advantage of natural light and a beautiful coastal kitchen design. You’ll typically find a large, open-plan kitchen with a central, multi-purpose island. Granite and marble countertops are trendy.

The cabinets may be finished naturally to bring out the wood’s grain or lime-washed to create more light.

Recreation in Skidaway

There are plenty of activities groups can enjoy on the island. For example, a visit to the University of Georgia’s Marine Education Center and Aquarium is an excellent way for a family to spend an afternoon.

The nature reserve has all the features typical of state parks, including miles of trails and a scenic campground, and open-air picnic shelters are popular spots for parties and reunions.

Residents and visitors can enjoy exploring the salt marshes along this intercoastal waterway. The hiking trails wind through the maritime forest and lead you past historic sites like pioneer campgrounds.

Along the park borders, Skidaway Narrows has a camping ground, observation tower, and boardwalk. You’ll often find scientists at the observation tower because researchers closely monitor the area and the nearby Tybee Island beaches.

The scenic camping area is nestled under live oaks and Spanish moss and features ablution facilities, a picnic table or two, and several resting spots. Take some time to explore because it will be difficult to find another location where you can see deer and fiddler crabs on the same day.

Going out onto the water is a big part of island life. Fishing boats, sailing boats, and luxurious yachts all vie for space at the deep-water marinas dotted around the island. Joining any of the clubs in Skidaway provides you with access to fitness centers, tennis courts, golf courses, and invitations to many social events. The town makes a big deal about the fourth of July and other major celebrations but is relatively quiet otherwise.

The island’s restaurants feature fine-dining and plenty of fresh seafood. There are limited retail outlets, but with Savannah less than half an hour away, that’s not an issue. The quickest way to get to Savannah is by crossing the Moon or Skidaway River. You can, if you prefer, take a leisurely boat ride along the Wilmington River. Several river cruises and ferries make it possible to explore the area at a leisurely pace.

Step back in time by taking an old-fashioned paddleboat, or whisk your way up the Wilmington in a speedboat.