Dating back to 1734, Richmond Hill has a rich and complex history, stunning scenery, and unique wildlife native to the area. The natural beauty so impressed Henry Ford in 1925 that he and his wife chose the township for their winter home. While staying in Richmond Hill, Ford funded several buildings, including a chapel, kindergarten, and a complex nearby known as Ford Farms.

Many people started moving to Richmond Hills due to the nearby military base. There are plenty of houses available in the area, ranging from starter homes to luxury estates, giving new residents a massive amount of choice. Many new couples will undertake some remodeling in Richmond Hill, using the latest kitchen design ideas and trends.

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Both new and existing residents enjoy the small-town, cozy atmosphere of Richmond Hill. If you look closely, you can see traces of its historical legacy on every street, but that doesn’t mean that the town skips on modern amenities. No matter what you want from small-town living, Richmond Hill has it all.

Community Events

J.F Gregory Park is the beating heart of the Richmond Hill community. There is at least one community-organized event per month, so residents always have something to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in seafood, an annual chili cookoff, or just want to spend the Fourth of July with your neighbors, these events bring the small community together and strengthen existing ties. You can even get tips on the latest Richmond Hill kitchen design trends to get ideas for your next remodel project!

Things To Do in Richmond Hill

Whether you want to experience Georgia’s natural coastal beauty or absorb some of this small town’s culture and history, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Richmond Hill. In addition to many appealing attractions, Richmond Hill also has plenty of restaurants to whet your palate. From fresh fish at Fish Tales to a dizzying array of desserts at All Things Chocolate and More, you’ll undoubtedly find something to enjoy.

Ogeechee River

The Ogeechee River runs straight through Georgia and is one of Richmond Hill’s most popular wildlife destinations. From black water fishing to soothing boat trips, there’s plenty to do on the river. Many residents enjoy taking a trip down the river to Fort McAllister State Historical Park, where they can get away from the bustle of small-town living.

Fort McAllister State Park

Fort McAllister State Park combines history, culture, and wilderness for an unforgettable experience. The historic fort remains, and people can freely wander through the barracks, fortifications, and cannons to soak in the historic atmosphere. The park also has a museum that gives extra background on the Civil War and Fort McAllister’s role.

If you’re more interested in exploring the wilderness, the state park also makes an excellent spot for camping, fishing, and hiking.

Richmond Hill History Museum

Previously the town’s kindergarten, Richmond Hill History Museum offers insight into the history and culture of Richmond Hill. Whether you want to learn about the original inhabitants or the town’s role in the Civil War, the museum brims with information for the curious mind.