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When you choose to remodel your kitchen, cabinetry is one of the most important decisions you will make. You want make sure that the selection you make that not only fits your taste but also you select a product that is durable and will last for generations. With so many products available, it can be confusing. We want to help guide you through the products available so that you can make the right choice.

Cabinetry Services in Savannah & the Georgia Coastal areas


At Kitchen Design Solutions, we only use products that are made in America and backed by life time warranties. In choosing these products, you can ensure that you will have a beautiful kitchen that will last a lifetime.

 Learn all about the different types of Cabinetry and what we offer below:

Off the Shelf:

This selection of cabinetry can be found at your local home centers and is literally pulled off the shelf. While convenient, it can lack design, door style and finish options. We do not offer these products at Kitchen Design Solutions.



This selection of cabinetry is shipped from China in a flat box and is assembled by the retailer you choose. While the products are marketed as an “all wood”, the Chinese manufacturers do not have the same quality control that American manufacturers do. In other words, you don’t know what is in the paint or wood. The product also comes with little to no warranty.  Many retailers will pass this product off as a “all wood” product. Be sure to ask where your selections are coming from. For that reason, we do not offer these products at Kitchen Design Solutions.


All of Our Products at KDS Fit into The Following Categories:


At one time, stock manufacturers-built cabinetry and it was “stock”. When you ordered product, they went into their warehouse and pulled the finished cabinets from stock and shipped them to your local dealer. However, over the last 15 years stock manufacturers have changed. They are now building a kitchen at a time per your order and offer a much wider of both door style and finishes. Our stock manufacturer, Marsh Cabinets, now even offers full custom pieces to mix into your kitchen and to help keep you in your budget.

Semi-Custom Cabinets:

This cabinetry offers everything that a stock manufacturer does but expands their options to more door styles and more finish options. It is not uncommon to mix semi-custom cabinetry for special items like kitchen islands and kitchen hoods and mix them with stock cabinetry to keep your project within budget. Europa and Mid Continent are both semi-custom manufacturers.

Full Custom:

This cabinetry offers everything that semi-custom cabinetry does but then adds even more finish and door style options. Hand-built like furniture in large manufacturing facilities, these premium products are for those that desire to have the best cabinetry available in their kitchen. Starmark  is a full custom cabinetry manufacturer.


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