Living on the Isle of Hope, GA

The Isle of Hope, GA, offers cathartic living for its affluent communities. It is home to historic plantations and architecture. Most properties enjoy exclusive access to the picturesque mashes on the coastal riverside.

Posh waterfront homes make a beautiful horseshoe bend beside the tidewaters of the famous Skidaway River. The Isle of Hope is home to the oldest city in Georgia. You’re also set to interact with a friendly, refined community of about 2,500 residents.

Why Live on the Isle of Hope?

The Isle of Hope is a great place to live because it is a significant tourist attraction in Savannah, Georgia. Tourists flock around the historic homes of Savannah, especially within the isle.

It’s worth noting that the isle is a peninsula, not an island. It is not entirely cut off from the mainland of Savannah and instead curves into its marshland waterways. Its upscale town is accessible via water and road transport.

Home Style on the Island of Hope

Locals in this scenic coastal town try to match the beauty of the peninsula with their house designs. You won’t find many tall apartment buildings here. What you will find are modernized, historic homes with plenty of open spaces.

You’re sure to come across many houses with large windows. The interiors are well lit, with sky screens adding even more light. These homes complement the historic resorts and nature trails present on the isle.

Some defining features of these historic homes include:

  • Big porches
  • Landscaped, waterfront gardens with parked boats
  • Luxurious windows
  • Mable kitchen countertops

Open-plan kitchens are gorgeous. They have kitchen islands and lavish cabinets built from white oak. Designers tend to prefer the natural finish of white oak because it complements the natural lighting. This hardwood species also withstands the humidity of coastal kitchens.

Recreation on the Island of Hope

Social Life

You can make close friends with this close-knit community of suburban neighbors. If you like socializing with new people and learning about new cultures, you can spend time at local resorts. There, you’ll find exotic tourists who keep coming to enjoy the beautiful view.

Food and Beverage

You will find cozy bars where locals chug on cheap beer while watching their favorite sports on large-screen TVs. Those seeking more refinement can share cocktails with elites at the Driftaway Café bar.

For food, local eateries meet the diverse needs of tourists and locals. You can find Japanese food at Heiwa’s and Mexican food at Jalapeños. The Sandfly Bar-B-Q offers American tastes like pork ribs and potato fries. You can also find seafood servings at other local restaurants.


The roads on this exotic coastal town are lined by old oak trees beautified by lush Spanish moss. Bluff Drive’s view, leading to the Wormsloe Plantation, is captivating. Photographers all over the country visit to capture its beauty. At some point, you can even view the Wilmington River.

Top Tourist Attractions Near the Island of Hope, GA

  • Wormsloe Historic Site
  • Pin Point Heritage Museum
  • Skidaway Island State Park




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