Beach-themed kitchens are popular in 2021 due to the calm and relaxing vibes, simple designs, and soft tones. No matter where you live, you can achieve the coastal look by implementing the right cabinets, color selections, and lighting.

Whether you are redesigning your old kitchen or building a new one from scratch, it’s great to know the trending kitchen design ideas to create the coastal kitchen from your dreams.

1. Aqua Accents

If you are a fan of bright or white kitchens and want to add that beautiful beachy look, you can add aqua-colored details to complement the design. The glass-doored kitchen cabinets are ideal for showcasing your coastal kitchenware. You can also add transparent aqua vases on the kitchen island or beside the knife set.

2. Coastal Meets Industrial

If you’ve been following the kitchen design trends for a while, you know that industrial designs are in. If you have implemented industrial style in your living room or kitchen space, you can now mix it with coastal vibes and create an even more unique design.

It is a perfect idea for a large white kitchen, where you can add lots of details, including a marble kitchen island with striped stools and industrial hanging lights. You can also add light-blue tiles for a more authentic look.

3. White Kitchen Cabinetry & Wooden Shelves

If you have a small kitchen space, adding white kitchen cabinetry is the best and fastest way to turn it into your coastal paradise. You can add light blue tiles on the wall, wooden shelves to display eye-catching beachy details, and wooden chairs.

4. Simple Is Elegant

When it comes to color kitchen trends for 2021, one of the most popular colors is light grey. If you want to create a coastal look, you can combine white and light grey cabinetry and add simple kitchen light for an elegant ambiance. A minimalistic design with beautiful style and ambient lighting can enhance the coastal feeling.

5. Go for Nautical Blue

If you follow trending kitchen design ideas and want to incorporate a coastal vibe into the space, the solution is simple – go for nautical blue. Nautical blue is one of the biggest trends in 2021 and a perfect way to turn your ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary place to enjoy family gatherings, hang out with friends, and cook your favorite meals.

Nautical blue kitchen cabinetry on an island creates a unique look, especially when you combine it with metal finishes and stainless-steel appliances. You can paint all kitchen cabinets in nautical blue, add open shelving to make it more casual, and add colorful details like book recipes or stools to complement the entire look.

6. Warm Up the Space

If you prefer warm colors, grey kitchen cabinets with brown and gold details are all you need. The design is still coastal and gives your home a sophisticated and elegant touch. For an even more authentic look, you can add pendant lighting over the kitchen island to highlight the colors. Try adding long cord lanterns (it is an excellent option if you have a large kitchen) to make an unforgettable first impression.

7. Let the Natural Light Come in

When you think of a coastal kitchen, some of the first things that pop to your mind are a white or marble kitchen island, wooden chairs, bright kitchen cabinets, and plenty of light. Having natural light in your kitchen is essential for achieving that coastal look.

picture of kitchen with natural light

Kitchen in light colours and white furniture

Whether you have a small or large kitchen space, you can replace your unfunctional windows with bigger ones and place them perimetrically so the light can come in from every corner. You can complement the look with white kitchen cabinetry, subway tile, and green details.

8. Make it Glamorous

Some people appreciate simple designs, like a Scandinavian kitchen with a few decorations, and some love glitz and glam. Both trending kitchen design ideas are beautiful and can turn your home from ordinary to a masterpiece if planned and styled right.

When it comes to glamorous and elegant kitchens, it is essential to pay attention to the cabinetry. The kitchen cabinets should fit the style perfectly and complement the entire look. You can add glass-doored cabinets, a light blue or marble island, and rectangular chandeliers to make it sophisticated.

9. Highlight the Kitchen Island

If you are up for something bold, making your kitchen island stand out is a perfect way to create that coastal look. One of the trending kitchen design ideas for 2021 is a combination of aqua and black – a daring combination – but with the right details, it looks incredible.

An aqua island with black on top can make your kitchen stand out. It can become a centerpiece in your home, adding the coastal feeling in a unique and modern way. You can combine the kitchen island with transparent stools, rectangular lights, and white cabinets.

If the aqua island and black are too strong for you, you can smooth the atmosphere in the kitchen by painting the ceiling white. You can also add a few extra windows to let as much natural light as possible.

10. Rustic & Contemporary

When it comes to interior design in 2021, you can combine the most contrasting colors and styles. If you’ve always wanted to combine rustic and contemporary kitchen trends, now is your chance to do it.

A well-planned combination of rustic and contemporary kitchen cabinetry, shelving, and accessories can really work. Anyone who wants to use this combination to create a coastal vibe can add modern, green-mirrored tiles on the wall, hang rustic lights, and incorporate wooden stools. The final look will take you to the seaside, and you will enjoy every minute spent in your new kitchen.

If you appreciate the coastal style for a kitchen, all you need to do is add the right elements to make it happen.

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