The adding of counter space to a kitchen during a remodeling project is an excellent way to provide more storage and workspace for homeowners who love to cook and entertain. The adding of counter space is typically done during a kitchen remodeling project in Georgia, while occasionally it can be an add-on to an existing kitchen.

When adding counter space to a kitchen, homeowners have two choices: adding cabinets or adding storage units that are freestanding or prefabricated. Adding prefabricated storage units is a great way to add additional storage and counter space, as compared to adding built-in cabinets.

However, adding freestanding counters with appliances allows for more kitchen workspace and can provide a place to pull up stools or chairs for eating and handing out with friends and family.

The benefits of adding counter space

Countertops provide versatility and value to your property by increasing functionality and potential for future growth, such as increasing the cabinets or installing a dishwasher. The additional countertops also open up your kitchen design for new opportunities such as adding another sink, indoor grill, or another second oven depending on the needs of your family.

The benefits of adding counter space include:

  • More storage and work space
  • Increase potential for updates and renovations in the future (like adding appliances)
  • Adds value to your home

Should you add storage to your Kitchen cabinets or increase countertop space?

The decision to add storage to your kitchen cabinets or add countertop space is a personal one that should be considered after you have talked to professionals in the kitchen design industry. Discussing your options with a professional will help you feel confident about adding counter space or cabinets and provide an idea of what other possibilities adding these additional components can provide for your home over time.

Homeowners who choose to add counter space to their remodeling project because they love to cook and entertain their family or friends often choose to add freestanding counters with appliances.

However, adding countertops is an excellent way to add more storage space if your kitchen cabinets are already at capacity. If you do decide to add cabinets, adding built-in cabinets is a great option for adding the necessary storage space without adding additional clutter to your kitchen.

Before adding any new components to your remodeling project, it is important that you meet with remodeling or design professionals for guidance and advice on how adding counter space or cabinets will impact your home over time.

Having an expert, like the designers at Kitchen Design Solutions guide you through adding storage space to cabinets or adding freestanding counters can help reduce the stress of your decision.

Before you begin adding counter space to your kitchen, remember to call an experienced kitchen remodeler for all of your planning and design needs. Our team of professionals will assist you in designing the perfect kitchen that is uniquely yours!

For more information on adding countertop space during a home renovation project in Georgia, contact us today!